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DIY: Words, Sound & Power

This documentary follows the work of charitable organisation Lyrix Organix and considers what motivates certain music artists to take a DIY approach to recording, producing and often selling their own material and observes them as they tirelessly promote themselves and perform at various gigs and events. It also captures the essence of artists giving something back through teaching and charity work, showing a genuine passion for sharing their love of music and making a real difference in the lives of others. Aspects of their personal lives are also explored to provide a deeper insight into who they are, the struggles they have faced and ultimately why music is so important to them.

In March 2014, the film premiered on TV throughout the UK on The Community Channel.

The film was nominated for Best Documentary and Best Director at Portsmouth International Film Festival

Tom won the award for Best Director, the cinema screening of the film received a standing ovation.

Tom produced, directed and edited the hour long film with the support of No Magnolia Productions.

"DIY is an honest and enthralling look at the music industry and the journey of those hoping to make it big through their own hard work and determination."
- Caroline Cook (Reading Post)

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